Christine  Newsome
Mixed Media Artist
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Artist's Statement


My paintings and collages are inspired by a variety of interests: the exhilaration of playing with colour, texture and space, working with layering and fragmenting images , and a fascination with world culture. I believe that collage is the true Post Modern art form as it embodies all the elements of Post-Modernism; eclecticism, plucking elements out of their original contexts and bringing them together in another way and using whatever material comes to hand!

I love to experiment with a variety of materials to create a multi-layered  rich surface. Materials used may include decorative and handmade papers, papyrus and other plant-derived material, watercolour, acrylic, printing ink, cellophane, fabric, ribbon, transparent inks, oil sticks, coloured pencil, copper foil, string, markers and found objects. Colour may be applied with brushes, sponges, rollers and scratched into with twigs, pen nibs and combs to add texture and interest.

I definitely enjoy the process of making something entirely new out of a few random fragments....and that is the true spirit of collage!

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